At Oakmont Family Dental, cutting corners was NEVER allowed in the past, and certainly won’t be allowed in the future. We always use the best technology and materials, and work tirelessly to achieve success.

Our job has become more challenging now because we plan to continue delivering the best dental care in town, all while we make sure that we keep each other healthy and safe from COVID-19. Oakmont Family Dental is truly a family. We care about our employees like they are family, and we do the same for you.

We have invested in what we believe will become standard equipment in the future of dentistry. Much like the use of gloves and masks during the origin of HIV in the 1980’s, this pandemic has caused us to seriously reflect on how we(all dentists) practice dentistry, and how we plan in the future to deliver oral healthcare to our community.

Covid Safe Dentistry Eugene
Covid Safe Dentistry Eugene

We have invested in these technologies in order to protect our staff and everyone that comes into our office.

We have included links to some of the products in which we have invested. Feel free to take a look!

As an immunocompromised person myself, I want to insure you that I will not allow any patient treatment at our office if there is any doubt of safety. We know that public confidence will take time to recover, and we want to be part of that. I am certain after you come see us, you will feel good about coming to the dentist again!

We plan to start taking care of patients more comprehensively, treating emergencies like infections and pain, as well as urgencies which can be things like a broken tooth or lost filling. Each case will be strictly evaluated to determine if we can safely provide reparative treatment. We will be dramatically reducing the number of people from what we normally see, as well as spacing patients out for treatment in order to keep with social distancing protocols.

We ask that you do the following prior to appointments:

  1. Tell us when we call you if you have had any cough, fever, rapid breathing rate, or shortness of breath.
  2. Tell us if you have had close contact with someone that has had symptoms listed above.
  3. Brush you teeth at home, floss, and swish with Listerine. We also have mouth rinse for you to use when you get to us.
  4. Stop taking antipyretic medications(fever reducers like Tylenol and Advil/ibuprofen) within 8 hours of appointment.

Like you, we are really excited to get back to our normal daily lives. We also recognize that the future of dental care will look different. We have invested in these technologies to continue using indefinitely in order to protect everyone that comes into our office. We will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks to schedule or reschedule appointments, but only after we feel that all requirements for safety are exceeded beyond the minimums. Be healthy and be safe.

Matt McLaughlin & Jeb Andrus

Covid Safe Dentistry Eugene

We have invested in these technologies in order to protect our staff and everyone that comes into our office.