We are excited to offer a new and improved experience for our patients that are missing teeth and want to replace them with a removable prosthesis such as a denture or partial denture. We are confident you will be impressed with our office, from your first visit until the appointment you walk out with a beautiful smile. And, it is all guaranteed by the same people that have earned the Register Guard’s Best Dental Office in our community for the past 5 years.

We are so happy to introduce Cody Morgan, our new full time denturist. In case you weren’t aware of what a denturist does, we would love to show you! Dentists spend years learning all of the aspects of dentistry, but denturist (denture dentists) specialize only in the process of making beautiful dentures that fit. They are able to independently perform all of the needed steps to make you an amazing denture! If other dental procedures are needed, like tooth extractions, our fantastic team of dentists is located in the same building and will be able to take care of you!

We offer a full range of services not found at a traditional denturist office, including dental cleanings and examinations if you have teeth that you want to keep. Our dentist/denturist team do a thorough examination to make sure that your mouth and throat are healthy. We can take all of the necessary x-rays, including our 3D x-ray that can show us important information about bone health if you are considering using dental implants to help support and retain your dentures.

Our team of dentists has over 15 years of placing implants in the precise positions to support your denture. Using implants to support dentures virtually eliminates “loose dentures” and significantly improves the amount of force you are able to chew with…meaning you can get back to eating the foods you enjoyed before you had a denture!

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The Denture Studio

Natural, durable, guaranteed.

All dentures may have pink gums and white teeth, but there are many different aspects that make a high quality denture. You need to be asking what your denture is made out of, and how it is made. At The Denture Studio at Oakmont, we use only the best materials and methods. This means that the teeth look more natural, and they are more durable. Our dentures are only produced using the highest technology of processing to ensure that the materials are strong. Most of all, we take the time needed to do the job correctly, and we guarantee our work. We are certain you will see the difference.

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A place where we value our patients and exceeding expectations is our priority. The Denture Studio At Oakmont will immediately feel like the right choice and you can rest assure this level of service and care comes at the same cost as what’s known as “discount services” in the area. You deserve to be treated with the highest service, and that is always how we will take care of you.